Conditions of Use

Quotation Terms & Conditions:

1.Quotation validity in 30 days from the date price have been quoted.

2.If a quotation list with OEM number and remarks is sent to Lusauto, we only match OEM number to make sure the product that Lusauto provided can replace that OEM number. Lusauto has no responsiblity to check remarks of the inquiry if there is a conflict with OEM number and remarks in the original inquiry sent by client.

3.Products Standard :All products are in LUSAUTO standard unless customer's special requirement. The products meet relevant national Standards.

4.Production delivery time:60-90 days after received the deposit.(Exclude one month of spring festival)

Production time will be affected by various causes e.g. new regulation of government. is not responsible for production times more than 3 month. If timing is very sensitive for clients,lusauto recomends clients that please only select the stocks (Items with green lights). We can make shipment within 7 days for our inventory.

5.All the quote will be FOB NINGBO CHINA for Order above USD 20,000; EXW LUS NINGBO WAREHOUSE for order less than USD 20,000 .

6.Changing of currency rate will affect the final order price. The quotation is based on Quote date's currency rate.

7.Changing of order quantity may affect the final order price.

8.Back Order for production items: If client order quantity of is less than production MOQ, there will be 5-10% items in Back Order. *If client DOES NOT accept BACK ORDER, Please inform us before order confirmed.

9.Quality guarantee policy:24 month after BL "on board" date. (Service parts,electric parts and rebuild parts are not included.)

10.Brand: All our brands are registered in USA and China. The trademarks in the US including Pitworks, NGP, LUXE, Progrip, KoolxMax are owned and controlled by ENZE ZHENG, the main owner of LUSAUTO companies. The brand owner will authorize business partners to use in production and sales activities. Buyer has responsibility to investigate trademark violation before import to buyer's market.

It's client's responsibility to verify destination custom requirement about penalized taxation ,certification and any product requirement like E-mark, SGS.

Client has to verify all requirement for importation before place order and fill shipping instruction with certification requirement before delivery.

11.Quantity/Amount Tolerance:

Product quantity will be modified according to carton size. (QTY Tolerance less than + -25%).

EG1. If client order 60pcs, each carton can only hold 24pcs, we will ship 2 cartons=48pcs or 3 cartons=72pcs . NO BACK ORDER will be sent if we ship 2 cartons=48pcs.

EG2.If client order 5pcs, each carton can hold 4pcs, we will ship 1 carton=4pcs. NO BACK ORDER will be sent.

EG3.If client order 2pcs, each carton can hold 4pcs, we will ship 2pcs=1 carton.

*If client MUST GET EXACT order quantity , please inform us before order confirmed.

Quantity Tolerance of Belts is about + - 15 pcs each number. All the belts quote does not include packing except PROGRIP brand timing belts & PK belts. Please order belts packing separately.

12. Cancellation policy:

1) If the customer confirms an order online and does not make the initial payment within 30 days after being notified via e-mail,this customer will be required payment of 100% for future business.

2) If the client confirms an online order and does not make the final payment within 30 days after the production has finished and is notified via e-mail. LUSAUTO will request the cost of 35% of the value of his order to compensate the cost as bellow:

> 15% administrative fee.

> 20% infraction and sanction to foreign trade.

> In the special case that the requested products are not in inventory and are requested for production, the customer will assume 100% of the responsibility for payment of the manufactured products if stock can not be sold to another client within 90 days afterwards of the first notification via email.

3) If the refund of the payment is required, LUSAUTO has up to 180 legal working days for the analysis and approval of the refund, any charge of international banking or legal transfer will be assumed by the buyer and deducted from the same return transfer.

4) When the client confirms his order online by clicking on "confirm" from his personalized account, he understands and accepts the purchase policies of LUSAUTO.

13.Payment default

In the case of payment default, the defaulting party shall be liable to pay the Proforma Invoice (PI) amount, interest, and a default penalty of 35% of the order amount.

> 15% administrative fee.

> 20% Legal Debt collection fee.

> Interest calculation: From 2022 onwards, after the payment due date, a monthly interest rate of 1% will be applied within 30 days. A rate of 2% will be applied thereafter.

> All losses incurred as a result of the default payment, such as warehousing fees and customs fines, shall be borne by the defaulting payment party.